Can I go abroad with a loan?

Can I go abroad with a loan?

Now it is difficult to meet a person who would not have credit obligations, and some citizens do have several credit agreements at once. Is it possible to go abroad, having uncovered loans? What does our legislation say about this?

Let’s start with the fact that if the loan is paid without problems, there are no delays in making payments, the borrower has nothing to fear. You can safely buy tickets and go abroad, no one will prevent this.

Loans are not a reason for the ban on crossing the border.

If we are talking about small delays, according to the law on credit histories, they are reflected only in the Credit Bureau, no longer affect anything.

Can I go abroad if you have a delay?

Do not give up the planned trip, if you have a couple of delays, in fact, not so scary as it seems. The ban on travel abroad can only impose a bailiff. The bailiff can impose a ban only according to a court decision. It turns out that while the Bank has not filed a lawsuit, has not yet issued and has not entered into force a court decision, a ban on travel simply cannot be imposed.

The ban on departure can be imposed only by order of the bailiff after the Bank sues the borrower and wins the case.

Having a mortgage is it possible to go abroad?

The situation is similar to the payment of a standard loan. If the borrower has no problems with the Bank, the mortgage is fairly paid, and then with a clear conscience, you can go abroad. The ban will apply only in the case that a Bank would sue, and the judgment will be passed to the work of the bailiff.

Can the guarantor not go abroad with the debt?

Again, if the main borrower repays the debt without problems, then the guarantor will not have any problems with leaving. But if it is a loan from the category of problem, the guarantor may also suffer. By law, the guarantor and the borrower are jointly and severally liable for payment, so the measures applied to the main borrower, apply to the guarantor too.

So if you have not paid the loan, and the Bank has already won the court to recover the debt, the bailiff may impose a ban on the departure of the borrower and the guarantor.

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